Activities in Pajamas: Top 3 activities you can do in pajamas

Written by Bhavika Kedia


Posted on January 19 2018

In our previous post we spoke about how pajamas are more than just sleepwear. It is true that pajamas play more than a sleepwear outfit role in our life. But some activities are just made for pajamas and we recommend all of you to switch to pajama outfits when doing these 3 activities.

1.Pajamas and Cooking

Cooking is one of those activities in which we like to be at ease. Cooking might be part of your daily cores or it might just be a Sunday hobby. In any case we are aware that it’s a tedious task and while you are sweating in front of the piping hot gas a loose non-clingy outfit is the best option. You can jump out of your bed and cook breakfast in the same pajamas or churn a midnight snack in the pajama sleepwear. No need for an apron as any stains while cooking goes into the daily laundry with the pajamas.

2.Pajamas and Painting

Whether you’re an artist by profession or hobby, painting and sketching is definitely the most stress-relieving activity. Painting brings the creative horses in your mind to race while your hands bear the pain of materializing the final output. A pair of comfy pajamas compliment this lazy and at the same time still at work activity mood. However, make sure your pajama top is a half sleeves one to avoid the sleeves coming in the way of your paint brush. Just like cooking stains, paint stains also go into the daily laundry with the pajamas.

3.Pajamas and Partying

No wonder slumber parties are the best. The whole purpose of partying is to enjoy, dance the night out, let loose, socialize and forget all your stress. Pajamas are the most comfortable outfit to let you enjoy your party night. Dressing up before parties is a pain! We’re sure most of you’ll are fed up of party dresses, high heels, makeup. Dressing up just stresses us before the party, troubles us during the party and exhausts us after the party. Therefore, pajamas can turn out to be the perfect outfit for partying. The biggest benefit is you can hit the bed immediately after the party is over.