De-nap, a popular women's and girl's nightwear brand, came into being around a decade ago as the inspired vision of Mrs. Chaudhry, our Founder. Our journey began in 2004 with a small scale garment manufacturing setup, and has since expanded to a full-scale manufacturing unit in Mumbai.

Today, ten years after our brand's inception, our team has grown to include a dedicated and creative set of designers who have a keen understanding of trending nightwear fashion, procurement experts who source out only the highest quality of raw materials, and skilled craftsmen in embroidery and sewing.

De-nap is a brand belonging to Indco International. The company continues to be a successful family-run business; one that connects with its customers indirectly through leading nightwear retailers across the nation, and directly through De-nap's recently launched online store.


To create high quality nightwear for women and girls; keeping in mind customers' tastes, needs and requirements.


We believe that women's and girls' nightwear should no longer be boring or restricted to old and worn-out tees and kurtas. Inspired by this thought, we have consistently brought this underestimated garment category to life through a wide range of high-quality, fashionable products.

Our hope and goal is to inspire women across India to examine their nightwear wardrobe from a fresh perspective; not only updating gowns, nighties and pyjama sets when shopping for a wedding trousseau, but also on a day-to-day basis as part of their very own home fashion statement.


Mrs. Chaudhry, De-nap's Founder and Managing Partner, comes from a long line of garment manufacturers originating from Ludhiana, Punjab. The visionary behind the De-nap brand, she first felt a need for high-quality nightwear for women and girls while bringing up her children in the 1990s.

Initially operating from a home studio, that mainly catered to family and friends' tailoring needs, she has since transformed her small business into a thriving company that serves thousands of customers across India. Today, she is responsible for the overall management of the De-nap brand; including functions such as Design, Manufacturing, Operations, and Marketing.

Mrs. Chaudhry completed her studies at Sacred Heart Convent (Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh); where she excelled at a specialised course in needle craft and pattern design. She continues to enjoy creative activities such as painting, fabric painting, knitting, tating, sewing, etc. in her free time.