Cotton Fabric: Why should you opt for a cotton nightwear

Written by Bhavika Kedia


Posted on August 18 2017

In today’s growing fashion industry, we have umpteen options for nightwear. Not only has nightwear become experimental in colors, styles, graphics but also in fabrics. Women usually consider silk as the ideal material for a nightwear due to the flow of the fabric and sexiness it adds to the outfit whereas men usually consider linen as the perfect fabric for their nightwear because of it being comfy and rich. However, we at Denap believe that one of the oldest and most simple fabric- cotton is the best choice! Therefore, we’ve listed down the perks of a cotton nightwear!

1.Comfortable Cotton Nightwear

Cotton fabric is one of the most organic fabrics! Cotton fiber grown out of the cotton plant is very soft and fluffy and very meticulously threaded into soft cotton textile. This key feature of being soft is what the fabric never loses! Addons of any sort of external material is often avoided in a cotton fabric which makes it the most comfortable material. A cotton nightwear will never cling on to your skin or cause any irritations. It is also a very strong fiber fabric which has low chances of tearing off and ages at a slow rate. Shop for a cotton nightwear now! A pure fabric for a happy sleep!


2.Affordable, Cost-friendly Cotton Nightwear

Cotton has been one of the oldest fabrics and has been used since 5000 BC. Unlike the other rich materials like silk and linen, the process of threading a cotton fabric is simpler and more cost friendly. Cotton fibers are also grown in abundance compared to other materials which use insects and rare plants! This is simply what lowers down the cost of cotton fabrics to make it more affordable than another fabric nightwear.

3.It might just be difficult to find that fancy nightwear on the spot but no worries a cotton nightwear can be made fancy

From an ordinary local shop to ecommerce to designer wear, a cotton nightwear will always be in stock! As mentioned above a cotton fiber is grown in abundance to cater to a mass market and is always available. A cotton nightwear can also be made fancy in umpteen ways like graphics and splash of colors. A cotton fabric is also very easy to mold into colors through paints and stickers, so you can easily get your DIY skills to use here!

Hence,  a cotton nightwear can always be your nightwear choice in a subtle way or fancy way!