Ideas for Men’s Nightwear: Trending Menswear

Written by Bhavika Kedia


Posted on September 29 2017

India ranks 4th in menswear fashion. Menswear fashion is all about classic suits, trendy T-shirts and holiday shorts. We hardly find innovations in men’s nightwear. Therefore, we at Denap have brought together the best of men’s nightwear. Check out our top picks!

1.Classic Checkered Nightwear for Men’s Nightwear

Men’s fashion is all about the ‘classy’ element. The elite aspect in a menswear is what suits men the best.  Be it any age group this checkered style suits them all. Usually pajamas in checkered colors of black and white or grey and white have been the classic iconic one. But with experiments in colors for men’s fashion our favorites are a royal blue and white checkered outfit or a blood red and white one.

2.Tom Holland’s Hello kitty pajamas

We love Tom Holland’s cute style pajama look. Usually men find it experimental to try on colors like pink and yellow or something as girly as Hello kitty. But hats off to Tom Holland’s perfect blend of dressing. He has wisely paired his pink pajamas with a sexy dark grey t-shirt to match it in a masculine fashion. We love it! Do you?

3.Niall Horan’s evergreen black night suit

Black is the color for men! All men look their best in a black outfit and so is the story with men’s nightwear. We adore Niall Horan’s black night suit style! It’s simple, trendy and classy! A plain black pajama set is the best option if you are ever confused about what style to pick.