Ideas for Night Wear for Women We Get to Learn from Bollywood Celebrities

Written by Bhavika Kedia


Posted on July 03 2017

Bollywood is all about glamour! And the actresses we admire the most set trends for us which we end up following. While you must be imitating their makeup, hair styles, most stunning outfits for your outings, we often overlook night wear ideas which they have been wearing in various films. Night wear for women depends on personal choices- some like it very casual in their pajamas or shorts, some would want to be dressed in the sexiest nighty where as some would want to wear something that simply covers their whole body and many more preferences. However, one thing that is common in all night suits is comfort! Bollywood actresses have been dressed in comfortable and stylish night suits in a bunch of movies. Here’s our pick on the best three ideas for night wear for women spilled out by Bollywood celebrities.

1. Sonakshi Sinha in Dabbang 2 as the best nightwear for women

Sonakshi wears a loose white colored shirt dress night suit in a scene in Dabbang 2. For those who prefer something that is super comfortable, casual and trendy this is the perfect outfit. It can be made in various colors but we believe that white, black and occur color would look the best for such a night wear. Don’t mess up the outfit by any kind of embroidery or prints on the shirt dress as that would then deviate the dress from looking like a night suit wear.

2.Alia Bhatt in Student of The Year

This outfit is for the women who want get dressed in the sexiest night suit. Alia Bhatt dances on the tune of ‘Kukkad’ in a stunning nigh suit looking gorgeous as always. She wears white shorts with a long white singlet top decorated with black embroidery and black straps. This outfit is comfy but a little revealing and could be a perfect choice for your honeymoon night.



3.Lara Dutta in Housefull

No one can forget the comedy sensation ‘Housefull 1’ and the path breaking song ‘Papa Jaag Jayega’ from the film. We love the night dress Lara Dutta wore in the song- a neon pink knee length flowing night dress. The cutest and most comfortable outfit which would suit any girl. If you are ever confused about what night dress to wear at a holiday or even at home this is the perfect pick. This outfit would look stunning in any color, however our favorite would be black, white and pink.