Kitchen Must-haves: Healthy Midnight Snacking Alternatives

Written by Bhavika Kedia


Posted on January 23 2018

Almost a month has passed away since we’ve entered 2018! We are sure you’ve finally decided on getting serious with your diet. For most of us the most junk eating time is midnight: chocolates, ice-creams, coffees. All these ready-made options are the most popular for midnight cravings whether you are up finishing an important assignment or just watching your favorite show. Well to quit the midnight junk eating its essential to have our top 4 healthy midnight snacking options in your kitchen.

1.Cold brew coffee or sugar-free coffee

Most late-night people are caffeine lovers or if not, caffeine is the best alternative to keep you up. But avoid the regular cold coffees with sugar. For caffeine lovers cold brew coffee is a better alternative as it contains very less sugar content and majority of caffeine content. Therefore, you’ll be satisfied in just a cup. For people who find cold brews bitter there are brands offering flavored cold brews which definitely have lesser sugar content than the usual cold coffees.

2.Flavored Yogurt

If you have a sweet tooth this is the best alternative. Yogurt is high in its protein content and is now available in flavored options as well. These flavored yogurt options are definitely less fattening than the usual chocolates and cakes we turn upto. Epigamia Flavored Yogurt is tasty, less fattening, reasonable and easily available.

3.Granola bars

Sometimes you just want to munch on to something to keep you awake. In this case Granola Bars are a better option than the usual chocolates and popcorn. Granola Bars are usually made of whole grain wheat, oats and a small portion of honey to add taste.

4. Soya Chips

A lot of us turn towards packet chips as the easiest snacking item. To replace these with a healthy alternative opt for soya chips. We recommend Soya Chips by the brand Diet-Foods as a tasty, healthy, reasonable and easily available option. Soya chips are usually non-oily, high in protein and less in fat content.