Pajamas for women- Prints and Ideas for Rainy Season

Written by Bhavika Kedia


Posted on July 20 2017

We are in the period of the gloomiest and slumber season of the year- Rainy season. We are sure during this season you just don’t want to get out of the bed or would just want to sit by the window holding a cup of hot chocolate/coffee and look at the beautiful weather. Such a weather calls for us being in our comfort zone and we are sure majority of you’ll would opt for a loose t-shirt and pajamas. We women love to wear funky and cute pajamas and the rainy season can be depicted through various prints and styles imprinted on our pajamas. To help you make the best choice here is our suggestion on the best rainy season prints for pajamas for women.

1.Light Blue Pajamas for women

If you like to be minimalistic in your dressing and don’t prefer all those fancy prints, just pull up a sky-blue color pajama but make sure the color of the blue shade is perfect. This color is just the one we used for coloring and painting in our childhood days by mixing navy blue color with white. You can wear the top as a pajama set matching to it or just match the pajama with a black crop top. Check out the ‘Classic Aqua Pyjama Set’ at De-nap if you wish to opt for this choice.

2.Rainy Season Themed Pajamas for women

Do you like a lot of pictures, colors and funky stuff on your pajamas? Then opt for this choice. A pajama dedicated only to the rainy season! Your pajama can be a light-colored blue or grey or white with graphics of rain drops or clouds or thunder or umbrella imprinted on it. But make sure it’s not too messy with a lot of graphics. Choose a single graphic to be printed multiple times in a small size on your pajama. Your top with the pajama could show a larger picture of the graphics on your pajama.

3.Rainy Season Textual Pajamas for Women

If you don’t like a lot of colors and pictures on your pajamas opt for a white colored pajama with ‘Rain’ or words pertaining to your mood and season printed on it. Choose a single word to be printed multiple times in a small funky font. Your top can have a quote pertaining to the text on your pajama.