Tricks and Tips to Follow Before Bedtime

Written by Bhavika Kedia


Posted on September 30 2017

We at De-nap make sure you get all the nightwear options you wish for the purpose of a happy and beautiful sleep. However, with sleepwear comes other forms of care and comfort. In this blog we apprise you about the top personal care initiatives you need to follow for a relaxing sleep regime.

1.Wash and moisturize your face

Basic and fresh skin care is essential. There is no better time to pamper your skin than before sleep. Therefore, after the tiring and hectic day wash your face and moisturize it with a moisturizer. This leaves your skin with a cooling sensation for a relaxing and calm sleep.

2.Drink a full glass of water

Water is essential to hydrate your body. Usually a glass of water per hour is a must. A good sleep period last for at least 6-7 hours. This makes one get up dehydrated and extremely thirsty. Therefore, before you go to bed make it a compulsion to have a full glass of water to get up fresh and healthy.

3.The right sleep posture

In today’s busy lives we just run to the bed and sleep within seconds. Remove a few minutes to make sure your pillow positioning and body posture is proper. Bad posture and discomfort doesn’t fulfill the purpose of a relaxed sleep. Infact it just stresses the body even more. Make sure you sleep in an upright position with your head comfortably placed on the pillow.